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Membership Details

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Pricing (2024 Season)


  • $300 - payable in full or over 3 years


  • All accounts will be assessed a $50 pool resurface fee

Yearly Dues

  • Family:  $800

  • Single:  $400

    • $50 late fee assessed on dues paid between April 1 and May 26

    • $100 late fee assessed on dues paid on or after May 29

Guest Fees

  • $15 per guest, per day.  

  • Guest credits may be purchased in advance or on the day of

  • Max of 12 guests per member, per day

Pavilion Rentals

  • We will begin taking reservations for pavilion rentals on Sunday, May 28th.  Please ask for the manager upon stopping by the front office. Only managers may make the reservation.  

  • This year we will only be renting half the pavilion for the entire day, 6 picnic tables, and large gas grill access - $300 flat fee plus $10 per guest.

  • If you plan to exceed 60 non-member guests, please advise us ahead of time, a $100 lifeguard fee will be added to ensure safety.

  • Pool Waivers are required for each guest and are available prior to the event. No cancellations/Refunds, however if the club is closed due to weather, arrangements will be made.

  • Full Rental payment, besides guest fees are due at the time of booking the date.


Rules & Bylaws

Meeting Minutes

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